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Genomax is proud to be the sponsor of the upcoming Recent Advances in Genomics and Genetics Conference 2018 (RAGG2018) from 25th to 26th June 2018. In conjunction with RAGG2018, Genomax is offering 35% discount for the conference participants and customers who visit our booth at RAGG2018. .

35% Discount on AriaMx qPCR reagents and instruments

Hurry! Offer is valid from 25th June to 31st July 2018.

Cat# Description
G8830A AriaMx Real-Time PCR System
G8830A AriaMx instrument, no filters installed
G8830A SYBR/FAM 463 - 516nm optical cartridge
G8830A ROX 585 - 610nm optical cartridge
G8830A HEX 535 - 555nm optical cartridge
G8830A CY3 542 - 569nm optical cartridge
G8830A CY5 635 - 665nm optical cartridge
G8830A ATTO 425 optical cartridge
G8830A AriaMx HRM analysis software
600804 Brilliant II QPCR Master Mix
600805 Brilliant II QPCR High ROX Master Mix
600806 Brilliant II QPCR Low ROX Master Mix
600809 Brilliant II QRT-PCR 1-Step Master Mix
600810 Brilliant II QRT-PCR 1-Step Core Kit
600815 Brilliant II QPCR Master Mix (10-pack)
600818 Brilliant II QRT-PCR MstrMx,1-Stp10Pk
600819 Brilliant II QRT-PCR CoreKt,1-Step(10p
600825 Brilliant II SYBR GrnQRT-PCR1-StpMstrMx
600826 Brilliant IISYBR GrQRT-PCRMstMx1-Stp10pk
600827 Brilliant IIQRT-PCRAffinityScript 2-StMx
600828 Brilliant II SYBR Green QPCR Master Mix
600829 Brilliant II SYBR QPCR High ROX Mstr Mx
600830 Brilliant II SYBR QPCR Low ROX Mstr Mx
600831 Brilliant II SYBR Green QPCR Mstr Mx10pk
600834 BrilliantIISYBRQRT-PCRAffntyScrptMMx2Stp
600835 Brilliant II QRT-PCR SYBRw/LowROX MstrMx
600836 Brilliant II QRT-PCR SYBRw/HghROX MstrMx
600837 Brilliant II QRT-PCR LwROXMstrMx,1-Step
600838 Brilliant II QRT-PCRHghROXMastrMx,1-Step
600880 Brilliant III Ultra-Fast QPCR Master Mix
600881 Brilliant III Ultra-Fast QPCR MM 10-pk
600882 Brilliant III Ultra-Fast SYBR QPCR MM
600883 Brilliant III Ultra-Fast SYBR QPCR 10-pk
600884 Brilliant III Ultra-Fast QRT PCR M.M.
600885 Brilliant III Ultra-Fast QRT PCR 10-pk
600886 Brilliant III Ultra-Fast SYBR QRTPCR MM.
600887 Brilliant III UF SYBR QRT PCR 10-pk
600888 Brilliant III UF MM QPCR High ROX
600889 Brilliant III UF MM SYBR QPCR High ROX
600890 Brilliant III UF MM QPCR Low ROX
600892 Brilliant III UF MM SYBR QPCR Low ROX
600898 Brilliant III UF  QPCR/Low ROX MM, 10pk
600899 Brilliant III UFQPCR/High ROX MM, 10 pk
600903 Brilliant III UF SYBR QPCR/LowROXMM,10pk
600904 Brilliant III UF SYBRQPCR HighROXMM,10pk
600906 AriaMx SYBR Green Starter Pack
600907 AriaMx qRT-PCR starter Pack
600553 Brilliant Multiplex QPCR MasterMx200rxn
5190-7708 SYBR Qualification Plate Kit
5190-7827 Brilliant HRM Ultra-fast loci master mix
5190-7909 Brilliant HRM Ultra-fast loci master mix
5190-9370 AriaMx HRM Ultra-Fast Loci Starter Pack

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TOTAL CONFIDENCE qPCR delivering flexibility, precision, and performance.

The AriaMx Real-Time PCR System is a fully integrated quantitative PCR amplification, detection, and data analysis system. The system design combines a state-of-the-art thermal cycler, an advanced optical system with an LED excitation source, and complete data analysis software. The instrument can hold up to six optics modules, and the scanning optics design delivers optimal separation between the dyes and between samples. The instrument provides a closed-tube PCR detection format that can be used with a variety of fluorescence detection chemistries including SYBR® Green and EvaGreen dyes as well as fluorogenic probe systems including TaqMan probes.

The AriaMx amplifies your productivity with its unique modular and flexible design, intuitive touch-screen interface, advanced, easy-to-use reporting, and 120+ attributes monitored via the built-in on-board diagnostics to help pinpoint assay or instrument issues as they arise.

Use the AriaMx for a variety of research applications including:

  • Gene Expression analysis
  • New! Genotyping/HRM capability
  • mRNA quantification
  • NGS quantification: library prep, result validation
  • Nucleic acid monitoring
  • Rare allele detection